Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Shenzhen Bienalle

Got invited by my main girl Charlie to exhibit at the Shenzhen Bienalle. Had a wicked time working and seeing people responding and connecting to all the art that was being made.  

My main installation was called Post-Apocalyptic Optimism that featured a selection of cityscapes in lightboxes. 

(lambda durst prints in lightboxes (1,0 x 0,75 m).

Because a lot of the projects in the bienalle were either about the metropolis or about architecture, I wanted to do something more small scale and local. 

This last drawing is a tribute to the backstreets of the Shenzhen Handshake Apartments (Wo Shou Lau). 

These apartments are so close together that neighbours across the street from each other can shake hands. The narrow backstreets are full of function and life - worthy of putting in an exhibit. 

Posca ink and oil bar on print (4,25 x 1,5 m).


Chris Sears said...

Hey man,

Glad to see you're doing the blogspot thing too! I'm envious of you for the Shenzhen exhibit. (i'm kind of sick of LA at the moment and want to head back to Japan or someplace else.) By the way, where are you located now? For a while you were in Korea, right?

Lok said...

Chris, still good to see you taking everything LA has to offer learning-wise. I was only in Seoul for a little while. After Shenzhen and Guangzhou I am back in Tokyo working on some illustration and design gigs. Everything is cool here as usual but really wouldn't mind heading back down to China for a while for work though.

Alan said...

Wow Lok, This show is great dude! Congratulations, I hope you get to do more stuff like this. Big Time, really. :) Are the light boxes a expensive process??

Lok said...

The light boxes as of now take a lot of time, but I never could have done it in Japan or Europe for example. I received money from the Chinese government but this was out of budget. So I made some by having more light boxes made and selling them. If you want to produce something, anything, China is a great place to be though.